Beach Crowdiness

open-data / civic / internet of things

It takes about 45 minutes to go to the beach from Bordeaux. It is mostly a good thing, but in summer, it can be a nightmare. When seasonal tourists meet locals and people from the metropolis join sporadically, it often leads to huge traffic jams, overwhelmed parking lots and even aggressive behaviors.


Using our knowledge on crowd detection and our Pheromon technology, we tried to see if we were able to measure the number of people lying on the beach in real time.

The idea behind this test is to inform people from Bordeaux area about how many people are currently at the beach. Then they can choose a less crowded beach before they leave. Ultimately, it will induce a good equilibrium between the different spots.


The test only lasted for 3 days at one place, but we demonstrated our ability to answer the problem technically. We’ll see if a public actor would like to implement the solution at scale.