If you ever found yourself in a situation where you had 110 tabs opened on your web browser, you were most probably looking for a place to rent. There are many websites publishing ads about houses or apartments to rent or sell. Each proposing its own filters, each having its own stupid image display that breaks the navigation flow,… in the end the exercise is quite painful.


Serge, as he was looking for his house, crafted that aggregates data from all these crappy websites and present it in a efficient manner. Our semantic analysis and machine learning algorithms are now able to extract the publication history of an advert, all the important features (location, garden, renovation, …) and evaluate sell price.


It is currently only crawling data for Bordeaux city (hey, we designed it for ourselves!).
Feel free to use it as a personal tool but – as a disclaimer – we are not owners of the displayed data and original sources are clearly identified.

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