Beach Crowdiness

open-data / civic / internet of things

It takes less than an hour to move from Bordeaux to local beaches. It is mostly a good thing, but in summer, it can be a nightmare. When seasonal tourists meet locals coming sporadically, it often leads to huge traffic jams, overwhelmed parking lots and even aggressive behaviors.


Using our knowledge on crowd detection, we brought during 2016 summer our Pheromon technology to measure beach attendance in real time with adhoc sensors.

The idea behind this experiment was to inform people about how many persons are currently on the beach, in order to choose a less crowded spot before departing. As a result, it induces a good equilibrium between the different sites.


We equiped 5 beaches during 6 months with our sensors, demonstrating that this technical solution makes estimates very closed to reality, and perfectly able to predict seasonal and day-by-day attendances.
We strongly believe public institutions should deploy this solution at scale, to provide many benefits in terms of tourism, security, environment and social welfare.