bordeaux 3D

open-data / data-viz / civic

A complete sets of 3D tiles representing the whole city of Bordeaux was been released in Open-data in 2014. However, the format (.3ds) was proprietary and not adapted to the web.

Why would we want to have it on the web ? Because there are so many nice applications that could be invented based on an open 3d model of the city. One could think of architecture competitions, artistes showing their opera in augmented reality, without mentioning roadwork optimization.


Using only javascript we were able to serve each building in a stream of data giving an acceptable user experience. A user can change between a sky view and first person view.


There is more work to be done. One should find a way to create textures from the aerial views. Anyway the project is open-source and divided in a core part and some utilities, so feel free to collaborate.

new release coming soon…