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As opposite to other islands in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and other french islands are not very prepared to tsunamis. UNESCO organizes each year a tsunami simulation but only few feel concerned. The risk is nonetheless present since a submarine volcano is located near Venezuela and could trigger a tsunami that would arrive in 20 minutes.


The challenge of the CaribeWave team aggregated around Gaël Musquet whom Alexandre joined as an hacker from ants, is to demonstrate what can be done in one week by hackers.
The week we spent there had 3 objectives:
– (IoT) prototype a network of decentralized seismic sensors (based on raspberry pi and using pheromon) that could trigger a massive alert through an native android app as well as sms.
– (cartography) use drones and Open Street Map to cartography the island with high resolution and make a 3D rendering of the terrain.
– (radio) connect the remote islands with wifi bridges, setup a remote network based on pirate boxes and use AIS radio frames to alert all ships and planes nearby.


The results of this 2016 edition where impressive since we manage to have it all working (except for the AIS but this was an hardware problem). This kind of hacking week was not only the best way to meet other hackers and learn new things, it was an example of civil empowerment since all the outcomes are open source and delivered to local communities.