Chilling in the morning with our friends of La Pure Prod, we had fun watching small tiny holograms you can build with a simple iphone and a CD plastic cover.
Few weeks later, we were organizing the Hack Night Digital Art, a hackaton dedicated to prototype fun stuffs interacting with the city of Bordeaux.


Serge and Tim Buisson decided to suggest a concept of Holomaton. But what is a Holomaton ?
Do you remember the Photomaton, the old cabin where you can enter, fill a coin, smile, wait a minute before it delivers a bunch of ID’s official photos.
Holomaton goes the same way but produces a stylish-with-effects video of you, projected on a dedicated prism (watch a sample above).


1. A first prototype has been released during the hack night, but needs an after-effect routine developed by Tim to process the video flow
2. Serge has built a new prototype at 127° fablab and in parallel has developed a web socket with automated face recognition and deep-etch process.
3. Next steps: embed these algorithms in a raspberry PI and integrate the hardware in a full-size cabin